Research & Quality Control

Research and Development

a field of study

  • Cold Machine

    Commercial refrigeration
    Merchandise showcase, Meat Ager, etc

  • Hot Air Machine

    Food dehydrator, Dish dryer
    Heating cabinet, etc

  • Ice Machine

    Crescent, Cube, Nugget ice

Process for Product Development

  • STEP 01
    Product Planning and Design
  • STEP 02
    Development Implementation
  • STEP 03
    Performance Testing and Pre-Production
  • STEP 04
    Mass Production
  • Product Functionality and Specifications, Development Schedule, Cost, and Development Expenses Estimation
  • Drawing Creation, Component and Mold Vendor Selection/Negotiation, Mockup Creation/Review
  • Initial Product Quality Inspection, Reliability Testing, and Production Manufacturing Validation
  • Product Mass Production

Quality Control

Total Quality Management

With a strong belief that quality is the first in all policies of the company, we are doing our best to produce defect-free products by utilizing the latest quality techniques suitable for global companies.
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  • 02
  • 03
Certifications for global management
We engage in quality management activities based on the KS Q ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and provide quality that customers can trust through product development, certification acquisition, and follow-up management to meet various type of requirement and standard in ways which are relevant to different areas of the world.
Quality monitoring system
Our own developed TPMS (Total Product Management System) computer program offers overall status of production / quality so that we can monitor in real time and try to keep uniform quality based on real-time feedback. In addition, we provide the uniform quality products to all domestic and oversea customers by analyzing and improving Big Data through service quality network building.
Quality recognized by customers
The quality of the products is already recognized by our customers as the 40-year history represents itself. We will continue to keep up the quality that customers can trust through continuous innovation.

Quality Assurance

3D Scanner
3D scanning of important parts to check whether they match with the specified specifications and drawings, and to inspect the congruence with the counterpart to be assembled.
Multi-Purpose Compression/Tensile Test
Measure the mechanical performance and physical parameters of various materials, such as pulling, compression, bending, cutting, tearing, peeling to test the suitability for application to the product.
Salt Spray Test
Corrosion resistance test of product interior, exterior, and major parts by spraying 5% sodium chloride solution for 8 hours/day according to Korean standard KS D 9502. (1cycle/day, 10cycles total)
Door Opening and Closing Test
Ensuring the durability of the components by checking and verifying whether the door handle, hinge, gasket, etc. are deformed by conducting a door opening and closing test of more than 100,000 times.
Managing Insulation Foam
Foam quality control with auto-control tanks and real-time monitoring system.
Automatic Refrigerant Charging Equipment
Minimize errors such as overcharging & undercharging refrigerant through automatic correction of the injection volume and real-time flow measurement.
Performance Testing Kit
Real-time monitoring of defects through gas leakage, safety and performance inspections. (Simultaneous inspection of up to 20 units)
Line Stop System
If any issues are reported during the production process, all production lines are immediately stopped, and the line is restarted after resolving the issue.
Vision Inspection
Recording management of missing accessories, incorrect parts, and exterior defects such as dents & scratches before packaging.
Environmental Test Facility (Chamber)
Testing is carried out by setting conditions and harsh conditions in the area where the product is actually used, and all tests required for domestic and international safety and energy certification are available.