BLUENIX is a global brand that renews the pride of Daeyeong E&B Co., Ltd., a leader in the domestic kitchen appliances industry.

As a brand that combines 'Blue ocean', which means a new market, and 'Techniques', it embodies that 'BLUENIX's will 'open up new markets with technology, one step ahead of others'.

The 'BLUENIX' watermark symbolizes solid experience, the best technology, and trust with customers. The simple and straightforward design implies a futuristic and infinitely scalable image, expressing the strong confidence of the No. 1 company that produces the best products. Functionally, the 'BLUENIX' presence in a wide range of products is bold and slipped so that it can be easily and powerfully eye-catching. The blue color stands for a commitment to customers through innovative technology development, which allows us to communicate a solid and solid image to the public.

Space Utilization Regulations

Color Regulation

    Pantone 2736 C
    C 100 M 90 Y 0 K 2
    R 30 G 34 B 170
    HEX #1E22AA
    Ocean Blue
    Pantone 285 C
    C 90 M 47 Y 0 K 0
    R 0 G 114 B 206
    HEX #0072CE
    Sky Blue
    Pantone 297 C
    C 52 M 0 Y 0 K 0
    R 113 G 197 B 232
    HEX #71C5E8
    Cool Gray
    Pantone Cool Gray 4 C
    C 24 M 17 Y 15 K 0
    R 187 G 188 B 188